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The new sport website : Muaythai Sport

is the best full service personal flight and training center in Florida.

or e-mail: fly@graybirdairsports.com

The best kept secret in Florida is GrayBird AirSports at the Dunnellon Airport ( X35 )


We provide training and equipment in paragliders, powered paragliders and hang gliders. Paraglider tandems available starting Aug.23rd, call to make an appointment. We have a training hang glider now. Students can fly by themselves safely on the first day. Come and book an appointment!

Contact: Gregg for more information call : 352-245-8263

email: fly@graybirdairsports

Graybird Airsports, Inc.

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Some of the Paraglider and Powered Paraglider  training being done here at GrayBird

Contact Gregg at  (352)245-8263 
or e-mail: fly@graybirdairsports.com

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The new sport website : Muaythai Sport