Hang Gliding

Birds of prey abound to keep you company during your experience of flight. If you have been to the Orlando area and are tired of waiting in lines and dealing with the traffic then you need to come to this area of Florida.

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United States Hang Gliding Association

Certified Tandem  Hang Glider Flight instruction

  • Introductory Tandem Flights – $125 / Includes 30 day USHGA Membership
  • Additional flights within 30 days / $95
  • Basic Hang Glider Flight Training, Including Aerotow Training – ( Call )
  • Aerotow Signoff Training – ( Call )
  • Aerotow Tug Pilot Training – ( Call )

Florida AirSports Flying Club

Free Flying and Associated Activities

The open area at the airport is over five hundred acres square. The airport maintains two paved runways 4875 feet long (09-27 & 05-23).  The surrounding fields span for thousands of acres into the interior of the state, reaching north and south through the pasture and agricultural lands in Florida.

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