My leisure after hard hang gliding day

After hard day of gliding I need to relax, the best way to get laid is lie on my sofa, get pint of beer and play some mobile games.

Anyway even after hard working day I would like to play Hang Gliding games, but there is no good games at all.. if you guys know any good games I should try, please leave a comment πŸ™‚

What kind of games do I play?

My friend told me about this leisure type, he is playing mobile games all the time even when having coffee break at work, don’t know what kind of games he is playing, but it seems he involved me too and maybe it’s two weeks how I can’t stop playing 8 ball pool, this is an multiplayer game, so if you would like to play duel with me, you’re welcome πŸ˜‰ Just know that I’m already got 70+ level, so be careful with me! Mostly I play at German PLATZ table, yes I know it’s expensive, but as I use 8 ball pool cheat to generate jetons and cash, it’s not a problem for me, you should google for it or find it at but it’s up to you how to get jetons, you can play fairly and earn them, or use this trick as I suggested.

Ok, so comeback to my leisure story, as you know, for us hang gliders after every workday we feel pain in hands, so never suggest hang glider after work to go play bowling or something similar πŸ˜€ we just need to relax and chill, as next day will ask from us more power in work. I goΒ to gym sometimes, I need to be in good condition, but my gym days is only on sundays.

However do not forget that our best gym is our work, that asks a lot of strength from all our team, it’s no matter your are on the ground or you gliding, there is a lot of work to do for every team member, so we all came home very tired and nothing only games or TV relaxing us.

If you want to see how we work, or to try Hang Gliding, you should visit us! You are welcome and will get best gliding experience and adrenaline I promise. Or it can be great gift for your friend.

So for today I think it’s enough, going to play 8 ball pool, have a nice day guys!

GrayBird Team.

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